We are a reliable exporter and glassware manufacturer that specialize in producing kinds of Galileo Thermometers since 1999 and are one of biggest manufacturer for the products in China.

We can supply many styles of thermometers                

H18cm x dia2.5cm, H18cm x dai3.2cm,
H24cm x dia3.2cm, H28cm x dia3.2cm,
H28cm x dia3.6cm, H28cm x dia4.7cm,
H33cm x dia4.7cm, H37cm x dia4.7cm,
H40cm x dia5.0cm, H44cm x dia5.0cm,
H52cm x dia5.0cm, H56cm x dia5.0cm,
H60cm x dia5.8cm, etc.

We are specilized in producing Sand Timer and Galileo Thermometer,etc glass products since 2000. And we have many kinds of sand timers, such as shower sand timer, hourglass sand timer, sand timer with metal frame, Sand Timer with wooden frame, Plastic Sand Timer, liquid sand timer, Sauna Sand Timer, Metal pin art etc.

And we can produce kinds glass products according to client's requirements. The quality is good and the price is competitive. And we offer you satisfied service.

 If the items you are looking for are not on my site, feel freely to contact us.

 We'll try to find what you need. 

 Waiting for your inquiry.Thanks.

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 Mr.Cyrus Shi


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